Timeless reveals how Patrick Ahearn’s historically motivated, human-scaled designs have advanced the art of place-making in some of America’s most affluent and storied destinations. Whether carefully restoring century-old landmarked townhouses in Boston’s Back Bay or creating new homes that reimagine the local vernacular of Martha’s Vineyard, Ahearn demonstrates an unparalleled ability to combine the romance of traditional architecture with the ideals of modernism. With his work, he sensitively balances preservation with innovation to make buildings that feel truly timeless. Timeless features eighteen “Ahearn-designed” homes and explains how he adapts and applies philosophy’s greater-good theory to each of his projects. The idea of the greater good encapsulates his profound belief that architecture has the power to improve lives, to increase happiness, and to encourage friendly and familiar interactions. It serves as a guiding principle for all of his work. To achieve the goals of this theory, Ahearn designs buildings that are appropriately scaled and smartly sited, paying as much attention to the spaces between structures as to the structures themselves.

A master of vernacular architecture styles, Ahearn develops his schemes based on decades of careful study and extensive knowledge of historic and regional context. Through the practice of what he refers to as “narrative-driven architecture,” he creates a storyline for every home he restores, renovates, or builds from the ground up. This scripting gives his buildings a sense of implied history and at the same time lets them expand in scope and plan to contain the various needs of twenty-first-century living.

Revealing the stories behind the iconic houses and public environments handsomely depicted in its pages, Timeless captures Ahearn’s singular vision, creative process, and deep expertise. For architects and interior designers — or for anyone who has ever dreamed of creating a home with a true sense of place — this book will enlighten and inspire.


Patrick Ahearn has thousands of residential and commercial successes under his architect’s belt. But even with those celestial numbers, few will ever get the chance to tour – let alone live in – one of Ahearn’s gems. But that’s about to change with Ahearn’s inaugural book – Timeless: Classic American Architecture for Contemporary Living. The sumptuously photographed chronicle of Ahearn’s work in some of New England’s most special places is more than a pretty picture tour of enviable homes. The book also tours the mind of an architect on a mission to make both neighbors and neighborhoods better by the homes he builds, no matter how grand or modest. John Budris Editor, Vineyard Style Magazine

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Patrick will commence his book tour after the official book launch in December. Destinations will include Boston, Wellesley, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cape Cod along with major cities down the east coast including New York City, Palm Beach, and more. Stay tuned to find the closest city near you!