Vineyard Gazette Reviews Timeless

Building History, House by House

Patrick Ahearn strolls briskly along School street in Edgartown. A light rain is falling, but he’s not a bit bothered by the soggy weather. The architect cannot walk past more than a couple of houses without passing one that came off his drawing table. On long stretches of some downtown streets, he has been the architect for nearly every building.

The author of a new book, Timeless, to be published in December, Mr. Ahearn points out architectural features as blithely as some would read a grocery list.

He notes surgically inserted Nantucket dormers, the preserved barn that is now a pool cabana with a sleeping loft, floor-to-ceiling doors that disappear when folded back, the Greek Revival playhouse for kids, the space between outbuildings that form an urban Island compound.

Timeless was featured in Vineyard Gazette newspaper, Friday, November 24, 2017.

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