Wellesley Weston Reviews Timeless

Homes That Escape Time

His career as an architect has spanned 45 years, but Patrick Ahearn’s stated goal is to design homes that escape time. His creations learn from the past so they can shape a future that balances preservation with innovation.

It’s fitting, then, that Ahearn’s first book, a monograph that explores in words and pictures 18 homes he restored or created, has the title Timeless.

The 160-page book, which was published by Oro Editions in December, shares how Ahearn approached his favorite projects—a list that includes a Greek revival on Martha’s Vineyard and the renovation of a 1910 shingle-style “jewel in the Chatham crown.”

Timeless was featured in Wellesley Weston Magazine, Spring 2018 issue.

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