New on the Vineyard


Martha’s Vineyard is a picture-perfect island that holds special meaning for so many people, including our founder. After renovating a home in Edgartown in the 1990s, Patrick expanded his Boston-based practice to the Vineyard, opening an official office on the island and finishing more than 300 residential projects in the many years that followed.

Patrick’s commitment to Vineyard architecture is ongoing, and he prides himself on creating new residences that quietly slip into the historic fabric of the island. This respect for local vernacular extends to his renovation work as well, where he reimagines even landmarked homes while preserving their distinctive character.

Patrick is proud to have been recognized as Best Architect by Martha’s Vineyard Magazine 7 times since the award has been granted. Voting for the 2023 Awards has begun, and in advance of asking for your vote, we are pleased to share a selection of new Vineyard work for your perusal. We hope you’ll enjoy reviewing these projects as much as we have enjoyed working on them.

Starbuck Neck

An existing waterfront property is completely reimagined for multi-generational enjoyment in this dramatic renovation. Lifted off its original foundation to be fortified for years to come, the vintage structure will be augmented and reinvented for modern day. The work-in-progress is showcased through digital renderings and is moving towards completion in Summer 2023.

South Summer Farmhouse

In Edgartown’s Historic District, this antique home was shored up and rethought as a single piece of an overall urban island compound. After a total renovation, it lives as a standalone property but also functions seamlessly as part of a side-by-side family composition. Its substantial size is masked thanks to precision attention to both massing and volume.

The Thomas Chase House

This historic residence which once served as an inn was overgrown and on the verge of demise at the time of purchase. With a preserved exterior and a new floorplan reinterpreted for modern family living, the project represents a thoughtful marriage of old and new that will live for generations to come.

Gabled Summer Homestead

Designed by request to be a sister property to one of Patrick’s most beloved homes built nearly 20 years prior, this family homestead property is located just south of Edgartown Village. The quintessential island compound features multiple structures with gabled peaks and architectural choices thematically relevant to the Vineyard, including a gracefully swooping roofline on the main residence.

Martha’s Dream

Achieving our clients’ requests of 4 en suite bedrooms and dedicated family spaces within less than 2500 square feet was no easy task at this antique home in the Edgartown Historic District. With a careful eye towards scale, the finished product reads as appropriate within its surroundings and as though it could have stood forever.

We encourage our enthusiasts to vote in the 2023 Best of the Vineyard awards before April 1 of this year. Please note that you must vote in 10 categories for your vote to be counted.

If a review of these new Vineyard properties is inspiring thoughts of your own island residence, contact us to learn how we might approach the project. In the interim, we invite you to visit our portfolio for additional thought-starters.