Gabled Summer Homestead

Edgartown, MA

A family’s long history summering on Martha’s Vineyard was the inspiration for this classic shingle-style family homestead south of Edgartown Village. Designed by request to be a sister property to one of Patrick’s most beloved homes built nearly 20 years prior, the structures feature gabled peaks and architectural choices thematically relevant to the island. Of particular note are the gracefully swooping roofline on the main residence, shingled exterior and roof, and Essex Green shutters, and window boxes throughout.

On the main house, the symmetry of repeating gables is counterbalanced by playful asymmetrical placement of windows on the front façade. Columns astride the front entrance repeat on the two-sided wraparound porch featuring a classic colonnade. A pair of fieldstone chimneys rise from the roofline; their sky-facing bluestone caps repeat in the patio spaces below.

A multi-function carriage house provides space for  automobiles below and proud office space above overlooking the aquatic program and featuring a vaulted ceiling.  Bookending the pool on the opposite side is a bright cabana. Stepped down in scale from the main residence and carriage house, it provides an interior program serving swimmers and family without overwhelming the property. Fencing and abundant landscaping ensures privacy in this backyard oasis.