Pleasant Bay Overlook

Reimagining History on Pleasant Bay

Patrick Ahearn and Platemark Design conceive a narrative of familiar and fantastical in redesigning this Chatham home

Dawn erupts in a lava flow of oranges, pinks, reds and purples across Pleasant Bay. Viewed from the western shore, the colors pour across this watery canvas, igniting the morning. Gray shadows in the slight undulations of waves appear as reflections of the gossamer altocumulus clouds. According to the old saw, sailors should take warning on a day like this—the early warmth and high humidity portend later thunderstorms—but in these ephemeral moments as the moon clings to the vanishing night, as the sun showers the eastern shoreline and the outline of Fox Hill Island with its tangerine, fuchsia, magenta and lilac hues, caution can wait. If there’s a looming price for these minutes soaked in such a palette, then let the rains pour, let the winds squall.

Pleasant Bay Overlook was featured in Cape Cod Home, Spring 2019 issue.

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