Contemporary Cottage Oak Bluffs

Oak Bluffs, MA

On Martha’s Vineyard, this updated take on a cape cod cottage was inspired by the concept of a Californian gentleman’s farm. Drawing from his early training at The Architects Collaborative under Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus movement, Patrick designed a contemporary home in which classic architectural elements were revisited with a more modern perspective.

Inside the structure, open-concept living spaces are flooded with natural light and brightened by bleached gray flooring. Architectural detail abounds, including shiplap-clad walls and ceilings, exposed beams stained a contrasting dark hue, and custom contemporary ceiling framing. The ample residence’s five bedrooms are now at the ready to host visitors year-round.

Clients explicitly requested a more restrained kitchen which could offer full operation without overtaking the living area with walls of cabinetry. The challenge with this request was satisfying a need for storage while offering true kitchen functionality. To meet the ask, a more limited kitchen was designed with programming on an interior wall. Storage was accomplished by hiding two separate working pantries behind operational doors, which allows the front kitchen to be a place of simplicity, functionality, and beauty while eliminating the mess of extras from view.

Outdoors, a full program that makes the most of summers on Martha’s Vineyard was developed, including a pergola-covered dining area, pool, and spaces for outdoor conversation and enjoyment. Thematically similar to the main residence but stepped down in scale, the pool cabana completes this updated take on a timeless property.