Classic Cape

Wellesley Farms, MA

Although newly built, this home weaves itself seamlessly into the fabric of its classical neighborhood, which consists of timeless homes from the 1920s and ’30s. It does so thanks to its traditionally symmetrical cape styling, the relative modesty of its street-facing side, and the implied history of its design.

From the road, the U-shaped house appears petite, hiding its ample square footage behind. At the rear, the large program reveals itself in wings that form a central courtyard with a swimming pool, lush gardens, a fire pit, and a multifunctional cabana that serves as a wonderful architectural folly.

The home’s mass, scale, and U-shape provide a sense of implied history that suggests the house is older than it is. At the center, the traditional cape reads as the original building, while the carriage-house and master-suite wings behind look as if they were added later in a similar style.

Inside, one finds a more modern-style floor plan within the classic exterior. This lets the house feel timeless even as it encourages contemporary living. Rooms flow easily, offering long views through the home. From any point, you can easily access the courtyard and pool, whose nighttime illumination has a spellbinding effect.