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Chatham Gambrel

Chatham, MA

This grand new-build seaside villa sits on a knoll overlooking the moors, ocean, and a lighthouse beyond. The homeowners wanted this post-retirement residence, where they would live full-time, to feel appropriately sized for the two of them in the off-season but also be able to accommodate more people and activity in summer.

"Patrick asked us to put together a ‘wish list’ of thoughts and pictures that described what we wanted, and we then spent almost an entire day going through it with him. The design he came up with was spot on, successfully incorporating virtually everything we had requested into an integrated solution."

- Homeowners

Borrowing exterior inspiration from gambrel-roofed, shingle-style coastal cottages of the 1920s, the house features a more contemporary-feeling, flowing interior whose primary spaces open off a central spine and overlook the water. A classic widow’s walk and an innovative wind-protected covered balcony take particular advantage of the spectacular coastal views.

"One of our requests was that it be hurricane-proof, up to the new gold standard published by the IBHS; this requirement was also met, without sacrificing on the aesthetic aspects."

- Homeowners

"I would certainly use the Ahearn firm to design another house. They were fun to work with, and patiently responded to our many questions as the project progressed."

- Homeowners

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Marvin’s Architects Challenge 2015

Honorable Mention

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