Allen Road Revised

Wellesley, MA

Years after major renovations were completed by Patrick Ahearn at this 1928 Georgian residence, a new family purchased the home and sought modifications that would allow the home to more efficiently meet their day-to day needs. 

Former owners had requested separate private spaces throughout the first floor of the residence, which were created while maintaining the historic feel of the exterior. In the prior project, the original house became the central element on the property, with new wings added that echoed the aesthetic of the original. Brick was painstakingly matched, and a uniform presentation was constructed. 

New owners loved the house’s character but wanted to modify the home to reflect their lifestyle. They desired an enlarged kitchen with increased connectivity to the family room and requested a more substantial eating area for casual family entertaining.  With a more utilitarian mudroom they could accommodate a regular onslaught of jackets, backpacks, and sports equipment from young children and friends, and a dedicated space for homework could allow the kids to focus on their studies.  

Blending seamlessly with past renovations, subtle additions were made to the residence to achieve the new owners’ program. Compartmentalized rooms were opened, and a more modern flow now persists on the interior, which is linked to the rear yard via glazed doors. The property also underwent a significant landscape project to upgrade the grounds and elevate the natural beauty beyond the home’s walls. The result is a beautiful blend of old and new in timeless vernacular.