Signature Paint Colors


There comes a point towards the end of a build process—whether starting from scratch or renovating—at which most homeowners inevitably reach decision fatigue, that space in which a person becomes paralyzed at the thought of making one more choice.  Thankfully, while there are a myriad of colors from which to choose, our clients aren’t overwhelmed when it comes to paint.  We keep a short list of go-to hues that pair perfectly with our architecture inside and out.  Linked below for reader reference are interior and exterior paint picks with timeless appeal. 

From timeless whites to our favorite, Essex Green, all of the answers are below.

Inside our homes

Termed Ahearn White by countless clients, our signature white reads beautifully throughout the day without yellowing as the sun goes down.  Neither too warm nor too cool, Ahearn White is perfectly at home on the interiors of all of our properties.  Find the precise formulation here.

We use this color paint time and time again because of the way it adapts to the changing light throughout the day.

On an exterior

Whether accenting shutters, trim, and window boxes on a cedar-shingled home or completely painting a clapboard house, we turn to a palette of tried and true tones for a look that endures.  While Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green has long been associated with our work, other colors are making their way into our playbook.  Learn our rationale and selections for exterior paints here.

Discover our favorite exterior whites and accent color for shutters and doors here.