Enhancing Architectural Romance with Window Boxes


Any Patrick Ahearn Architect enthusiast will note ever-present exterior details that add character and charm our builds and renovations; we often layer elements like stone foundations, shingles, shutters with holdbacks, and copper lanterns and gutters to imbue a home with timeless appeal.

An important item that we often receive questions about is the window box.  Whether on a coastal shingle-style property, a suburban home clad in clapboard, or a brick townhouse in Boston’s Back Bay, the window box is an appropriate accent, and a way to introduce color and romance to a property’s facade.  For homeowners considering adding window boxes to their own residences, we offer this short primer from our archive, which provides in-depth information about our approach to this whimsical window addition:

Window Boxes: A Year-Round Gardening Affair

While our primer offers information about window box placement and material, it doesn’t touch upon one question we are very often asked: what color should a window box be?  Our directive is to use a window box to support your home’s accent color, matching the window box to the shutters for a cohesive and complete look.  On our properties, typically that means the window boxes will be Essex Green, Polo Blue, White, or Black.  Should your window not feature a shutter, consider making the window box the same color as the window trim; we have had success with this approach specifically on shingle-style homes.

If thoughts of window boxes have you reimagining your residence, contact us to see how we would approach the project. In the interim, we invite you to find meaningful inspiration in our portfolio.