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FHF #84 | Improving the Curb Appeal of Guy’s Colonial


Last Friday, @g_groleau in Quebec, Canada won the contest and his question for Patrick was, “Thank you so much for this wonderful contest — so excited to have been selected as I am truly a big fan of your work. My wife and I have a colonial house with a fairly long extension for the garage and home office. We were wondering if you would recommend adding any visual elements on the roof over this part of the home to balance things with the rest of the house. Any thoughts and suggestions on making the curb appeal better would be most welcome! I’ve posted a winter and a summer view @blessthiscountryhome … thanks! 🙏🏽”

Watch the video to hear Patrick’s thoughts on how to improve Guy’s curb appeal! Follow us on Instagram to participate in our FHF Contest for a chance to ask Patrick a question of your own and win a signed copy of Timeless. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all of Patrick’s answers.