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The Coveted Three-season Room

The Coveted Three-season Room

Here in New England, the month of October brings brilliant fall foliage and shorter, crisper days. It is the time of year when we layer sweaters, watch football and appreciate all things autumn. While many of our clients welcome this seasonal change, they are not quite ready to give up their outdoor living spaces. This is when a three-season room is a wonderful option.

Easing the transition between indoors and out, the great room opens to a shingle-clad three-season porch.

The three-season room, sometimes called a sunroom or solarium (Latin for “place of sunlight”), is typically enclosed in glass and provides homeowners with an immediate visual connection to the outdoors. The use of large window areas helps optimize the amount of natural light filling the room – providing a marvelous “outdoor” aesthetic. As the days get shorter, this access to light is especially appreciated.

Solarium is Latin for “place of sun[light]”

We often design our three-season rooms with screened-in windows that can be replaced with storm panels as the seasons change. This offers homeowners a space with great versatility: in warmer months, the summer air can circulate, and when temperatures dip, the windows protect from elements like wind and rain.

When the temperature becomes cooler, screens can be replaced…
…with glass, extending the porch season into the fall.

While not fully heated like a year-round room, we often design our sunrooms to include radiant heat and a fireplace, which adds ambiance while entertaining or gathering on a cool fall night. The cozy space offers a connection with nature without leaving the house.

A fireplace and radiant heat from bluestone floors offer homeowners added comfort in chilly weather.

Sometimes, a client will request that we transition a three-season room into a year-round room. In this case, we will use permanent casement windows (which can open out 90% in summer months) surrounded by beaded board or wainscoting to give the sense the porch was enclosed over time.

A year-round porch uses high performing, energy-efficient windows.

As the days get cooler and shorter, we appreciate the wonderful versatility of a three-season room, which affords homeowners with extra sunlight, protection from the elements and effortlessly extends the outdoor living season.

Embracing Chilly June in New England

Embracing a Chilly June in New England

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?
-John Steinbeck

We use a combination of gas and wood-fueled fireplaces

Here in New England, we’ve had a long winter and chilly spring – and the start of June has followed suit. But, we New Englanders are a resilient bunch, familiar with this unpredictable prelude to summer. We find ways to connect our indoor and outdoor living space as much as possible – even when the weather doesn’t always cooperate. In fact, a particularly cool spring may inspire us to use our outdoor areas even more frequently.

Today, we will share some of our favorite ways to connect the comfort of indoors to our outdoor living spaces during June’s cooler evenings and throughout the months ahead.

When we design a home, we like to encourage easy indoor-outdoor living. There are several ways to create and expand a homeowner’s living space including light-filled, three season rooms, intimate covered porches and richly appointed outdoor entertaining areas.

The three season room – sometimes referred to a sunroom – is typically enclosed in glass and provides an immediate visual connection to the outdoors. It is weather resistant (not weather proof) and provides a wonderful, gradual transition from the house to the outdoors. In warmer weather, the glass can be removed and replaced with screens, allowing summer air to circulate throughout.

Covered porches represent another continuation of a home’s living space and provide an outdoor retreat where homeowners can relax and entertain al fresco. Depending on our client’s program, we often include a fireplace in this space to create an inviting and cozy outdoor oasis.

Some of our homes include both an outdoor fireplace and fire pit, which provide social seating areas for multiple guests or generations. With the fires’ light and added warmth, homeowners can enjoy these outdoor spaces in cooler weather – and later into the evenings.

Outdoor entertaining has never been more popular, and for many clients, the backyard living space is the new seasonal living room. Therefore, our design goal is to create an inviting retreat that offers not just one experience, but rather numerous opportunities for passive and active outdoor living. By using the home’s topography, we create multiple levels of outdoor enjoyment – from porches and gardens to fireside seating – which homeowners can use throughout the seasons.

We all appreciate that wonderful connection to the outdoors, even when the weather is brisk. So enjoy your special gathering spots – before long the heat of summer will be at our doorstep.