New Regionalism

An Oasis in the Dunes

Designed by Patrick Ahearn, Trelawny House is a majestic family gathering place on Martha’s Vineyard

Imagine exploring vast grasslands nestled behind ocean dunes and coming upon the remains of a home that’s centuries old. At first the structures may appear like a mirage of lone trees, shimmering in the summer heat, but upon approach, they would take the clear form of abandoned chimneys. One might imagine an ancient farmhouse lost to the elements, or to fire, with only these monoliths remaining, worn by the sands and winds into objects of wonder and mystery, upon which travelers might pause to contemplate great human questions of time, history, and the raw powers of nature. Meditation complete, one would continue deeper into the wild lands of seafowl amid the sounds of rustling breezes and crashing Atlantic waves. Though the remains of the brick chimneys would endure, they would fade once again into invisibility in the sweeping landscape, remaining but a dream in the traveler’s mind.

New Regionalism was featured in Cape Cod Home, Summer 2016 issue.

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