New Regionalism

All in the Family

Whether you’re trying to persuade grown-up kids to spend more time at the family home, or looking for an upgrade from your childhood room when visiting the folks, the answer’s the same. Welcome to the new vacation compound.

That sort of together-apart dichotomy also defines the expansive compound that architect Patrick Ahearn designed on Martha’s Vineyard for a trio of siblings who wanted a place for their children and grandkids to congregate. After vacationing around the world together over the years, Paula Williams Madison says she and her brothers, Elrick and Howard Williams, “wanted a location where the entire family could gather not only to bond and have the next generation be very close, but where we could instill and perpetuate our family values”—ideals that their parents, Jamaican immigrants, had instilled in them when they were growing up in Harlem.

New Regionalism was featured in Robb Report, September 2020 issue.

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