New England Home Reviews Timeless


With an eye attuned to design from childhood, architect Patrick Ahearn was strongly influenced by his home town of Levittown, New York. The houses and streets of America’s first planned community were thoughtfully designed and laid out in perfect balance of density and scale. When Ahearn writes, in the forward of his new book, that his career has been shaped by two core beliefs – “that design – good design – has the power to improve people’s lives, and that learning from the past is crucial to creating the future” – he can trace the origins of that first conviction of his boyhood in Levittown. Ahearn has spent his long career putting those principles into practice here in New England. The two-dozen projects featured in Timeless stand as beautiful evidence of his positive impact on our architectural landscape.

Timeless was featured in New England Home, January-February 2018 issue.

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