The Field Club

Edgartown, MA

As the sole members-only recreational and residential club on Martha’s Vineyard, this project covers the sixteenacre site of a former gravel quarry. It comprises two clubhouses, twenty-six residences, a pair of pools, changing cabanas, a tennis pavilion and several courts, a children’s camp area, and additional outdoor facilities for bocce, volleyball, and other lawn sports.

The buildings are designed in a reinterpreted shingle style, with wood shake exteriors, dramatically gabled rooflines, multiple dormers, wide fieldstone chimneys, and barn-like cupolas. Broken down into various smaller volumes—each properly scaled and proportioned—the buildings carefully mask their overall size, so they sit lightly in the landscape.

The large cupolas help define the buildings, and the layered façades create intimate outdoor-living opportunities. The chimneys, meanwhile, hide the elevator shafts, allowing rooflines to remain relatively low. All of this ensures that the design is in concert with the historic architecture of Martha’s Vineyard.

The club’s extensive program is broken up among the several buildings and the various volumes of each, with separate areas for adults and families. One clubhouse, for example, houses a fitness center, squash courts, and a spa. The other contains a restaurant, clubroom, employee housing, and administrative offices.

These buildings open to a dining terrace, featuring adult and family seating spaces. Similarly, of the campus’s two pools, one is child-friendly and one child-free. All told, the club provides a truly enticing destination for the best of cultivated island living, both for seasonal and year-round residents.