Island Village Compound

Edgartown Village Historic District, MA

To imagine this new-build family campus, a historical narrative was created. Nearby residences inspired an 1830s-style Greek Revival farmhouse with shingle-style outbuildings seemingly added after: a late 1800s carriage house that borders the street and has a pedestrian portal, a 1910s garage-turned-guesthouse, and a 1930s pool cabana.

Inside, detailed full-height paneling, bleached pine floors, and antique beams lend an air of authenticity, drawing guests into the home and, just as important, into the world of the building’s imagined history. Expanses of windows and glass doors then connect the interiors back to the outside.

Separating the square footage into several structures gave the clients the space they needed but also the atmosphere they wanted: the home feels intimate but never overcrowded. The ensemble of smaller structures keeps the property in scale with the neighborhood while simultaneously creating spaces between the building for patios, porches and courtyards.

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