Highgate Residence

Wellesley Farms, MA

This newly built residence takes the 1920s and ’30s homes of its neighborhood as its inspiration. It celebrates their nostalgic charm and character even as it contains a series of spaces that feel contemporary both in their scale and the way they encourage twenty-first-century living.

Although the house sits on a large parcel of land, and the homeowners required extensive square footage to accommodate their program, the home was designed with an intimate sense of scale and a style that feels true to the early twentieth century. The goal was to channel what an architect of that time would have done.

The resulting house fits seamlessly into its neighborhood context. This was accomplished through such timeless elements as the stone façade, the series of small densely positioned gables, the carriage-house wing whose doors are hidden from the road, and the many old-growth trees that were preserved on the property.

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