Harbor View

West Hyannisport, MA

Due to several earlier expansion efforts, this oceanfront residence—a charming summer cottage built in the 1920s—had a disjointed layout and a confused aesthetic. Years of wear and tear, meanwhile, left it with a crumbling foundation. The longtime owners felt they needed to do something.

Other architects suggested the clients tear down the house and build anew, but it was a family home filled with memories, and the owners wanted to preserve it. The solution our firm proposed focused on enhancing the architectural language and livability without compromising the existing character.

To do so, the entire house was raised and placed on a new stone foundation, then its interiors were reoriented to increase flow and natural light. A prominent new gable-roofed main entrance was added, along with classic local architectural elements and terraced landscaping that guides visitors to the front of the house.

Now, the open foyer leads to a big-windowed great room whose French doors give on to a water-facing pergola and patio, connecting the house to the ocean. The renovation added 1,700-plus square feet of living space without increasing the building’s height. Entirely reinvented, the house still feels like home to its owners.