Greek Revival Village

Edgartown Village Historic District, MA

On a quiet secondary street in Edgartown Village, this newly constructed home sits among only a few neighboring houses. The goal was for it to appear from the street like a nineteenth-century Greek Revival captain’s house, one whose scale would feel historically appropriate for its modest five-thousand-square-foot lot.

This goal was achieved through the careful design and inclusion of accurate period details and proper materials. These include the white-clapboard façade, weathered-shingle sides, heavily articulated cornice boards, columned corners, and oversailing eaves, as well as a brick drive and front path, white fence, trellises, and operable shutters.

The house enjoys unexpectedly long views to the ocean and Edgartown Harbor Light from the back. To capitalize on this, the design includes large windows and decks on the rear of the first and second floors, each one thoughtfully positioned to provide vistas that both surprise and delight.

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