Dudley Road

Brookline, MA

To soften the scale of this grand, but appropriately proportioned, new-build home in an affluent, established suburb of Boston, its overall mass was carefully broken into several distinct pieces. The idea was to make the house look and feel like it had been added onto over time to accommodate a growing family.

"We can say nothing less than extraordinary. Patrick perfectly interpreted our desires. He was very diligent in the various refinements that led to the final architectural project in an incredibly short time."

- Homeowners

The resulting English countryside–style design has a wonderfully rambling appearance, which draws the eye toward and around its various wings. New England architecture of the 1930s inspired the building as well, with such local materials as variegated siding, timber beams, and fieldstone recalling houses built in the area during that time.

"Finally, but extremely important for us, was Patrick's consistent support during the construction period."

- Homeowners

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