Chatham Shoreline

Chatham, MA

The owners of this shingle-style hilltop house—a waterfront fixture on Chatham’s most beautiful street since 1910—wanted to turn it into an expansive, contemporary-feeling summer home for indoor-outdoor living, complete with a pool cabana and carriage house. Unfortunately, the structure was failing and additions obscured its beauty.

An innovative plan emerged to remove the extensions and connect the historic building to a newly constructed mirror image. The century-old structure proved unsalvageable, however, and had to be demolished. Commitment to the community allowed the design to proceed, however, and the 1910 house was painstakingly recreated with the mirroring addition.

Together with a new, carefully scaled outbuilding that serves as a carriage house on one side and pool cabana on the other, the now double-gabled main house captures the quintessential Chatham character of the original by borrowing key details: layered façade embellishments, rhythmic fenestration, a foyer fireplace, and exposed joists among them.