Celebrated Wellesley Cape

Wellesley, MA

An established couple downsizing from a larger home was looking for a residence with a just-right scale that would allow them to live comfortably and also host grandchildren and occasional guests.

When a compartmentalized 1920s cape came to market in a desirable neighborhood, they jumped at the opportunity to transform it to meet their exact needs.

The house began as a series of closed rooms that didn’t relate to each other and was almost totally devoid of indoor/outdoor connection. This type of floorplan was typical 100 years ago but isn’t how our clients wanted to live today.

To achieve their goals in the renovation, we maintained the scale and charm of the exterior while revamping the entire interior, creating new light-filled spaces that link to the outside for additional enjoyment.

The entire floor plan was rethought and reimagined. A freestanding carriage house was connected to the residence, the interior staircase was moved, and all of the walls on the first floor were reconfigured to create an open interior that’s filled with natural light. New sets of doors now open to an exterior patio, creating viable outdoor living spaces that relate to the interior program. On the second floor, bedroom suites were established as opposed to individual bedroom chambers with a shared hall bath, and a laundry was added as a functional amenity. All of these modifications revived the structure to live logically for modern day while celebrating the original architecture.