Bad Martha Brewery

Edgartown, MA

Located on the grounds of Donaroma’s Nursery, Bad Martha Brewery serves as more than just a place for the company to make its celebrated craft beers. It was also conceived as a uniquely special, atmospheric place for old and new fans of the brand to enjoy its ales and IPAs.

“I wanted to create for a brewery what you’d find at a Napa Valley or Sonoma Valley winery.”

- Co-owner of Bad Martha Brewery

A post-and-beam barn design gave Bad Martha’s founders the “country brewery” look they desired. To make it, Amish carpenters cut the pieces in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, then assembled them on-site, working with no nails or saws, only wooden pegs and dowels and a fifty-pound sledgehammer. It was completed in three months.

The interior was designed to make visitors feel like they’re part of the beer-making process, with its bar and tasting room offering views of the brewing area. Outside, the large front porch and pergola-covered patio function as a beer garden, enticing guests to sit back, listen to live music, and play lawn games.

“I love coming here because everybody’s happy. We want this to be a really chill, relaxing place where people who live on the island and tourists can come to enjoy a delicious beer.”

- Co-owner of Bad Martha Brewery