About the Firm

Over the past 43 years, our volume of finely crafted and detailed residential work spans a multitude of classic styles of architecture from City Town Houses to Island Homes. With offices in both the Historic Back Bay neighborhood of Boston and on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, these environments provide a rich and fertile background for the creation of classical timeless architecture, appropriate and in scale to each locale.

The firm’s work covers a broad spectrum of projects in the United States including master planning, new construction, historic renovation and restoration. To each of his projects, Mr. Ahearn and his team of architects and designers bring a highly educated and schooled knowledge of classic architecture coupled with a keen sense of how people live today, which in turn produces homes that are timeless and responsive to the needs of today’s lifestyles.


The Design Philosophy

Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC specializes in historically motivated architecture and interior design, which is a design philosophy that falls outside the mainstream. Whether the project is newly constructed or a historical restoration, the home is rooted in its site, in scale with its surroundings, and looks and feels as though it has stood for a long time. Patrick excels is his thoughtful approach in adapting historic homes to the way people want to live today, incorporating the needs for modern technology, environmental controls, and current building codes without affecting the historical integrity of the home. His sensitivity to the original spirit of the home results in a beautifully restored home that looks authentic and silent on the streetscape.

Restoring a historical home is a challenging feat and deserves to be acknowledged as so, however, designing a newly constructed home designed to look and feel as though it has stood for a long time requires thoughtful detailing, execution, and management which can only be achieved with a non-egotistical approach. This is made possible through the art of “scripting” a storyline that invents the “implied history” of the home including how it may have grown over time or what may have caused the particular style of the house to be created. The concept of “scripting” allows one the opportunity to embrace the client’s more utilitarian program with a sense of history or timelessness that results in houses that look as natural and authentic as possible. While others have tried to replicate this design philosophy, Patrick Ahearn has paved the way for a new form of architecture that will inspire the architects of the future.


“If I am successful, at the end of the day you never really knew I was there.” – Patrick Ahearn, FAIA


Historically Motivated Architecture