• Dear Patrick, We wanted to extend our gratitude to you and your team for the fine work you have done for us in improving our home. Your work is of the highest standard of quality and artfulness. The level of your service is exceptional. Best,


    Wellesley, MA

  • When we decided to build our retirement home on Martha’s Vineyard, we knew the importance of selecting a world-class architect who could interpret our ideas and turn those into a beautiful home our family would enjoy for generations. Our intent was to build a gambrel style summer cottage reminiscent of those built just after the turn of the century, and added onto over the years. We knew we wanted something simple and open, yet significant enough to accommodate our family and friends year-round. We selected Patrick Ahearn because he is renowned for historic interpretation and renovation. Having seen several examples of his work and having studied the work of other great architects, we recognized Patrick’s attention to detail and beautiful designs rivals the best architectural work in the country. Patrick patiently worked with us over time refining our design to meet our needs. He spent time understanding the land and its surroundings and siting the house to maximize views over the meadow out to the ocean, while affording us privacy from our neighbors. He selected materials that are both functional, and beautiful. His plans were detailed, and he even recommended a number of builders and interior designers for us to interview. The construction took just over two years, and Patrick remained involved by supervising the work with the builder and approving invoices before they were submitted. He sourced materials such as antique flooring, and made modifications along the way to ensure every detail was attended to. The end result is a beautiful home that will stand the test of time. We are thrilled with the outcome and are extremely grateful we selected Patrick Ahearn for this project. We would highly recommend him to anyone interested in quality work, attention to detail, and masterful design. He is simply the best.


    Martha’s Vineyard, MA

  • Before we hired Patrick Ahearn Architects to design the renovations for our historic home in Edgartown (Martha’s Vineyard), we did a lot of research about who we should hire. We chose PA Architects because of their previous work on the island and with historic homes. We had no idea that we would get personalized service from Patrick Ahearn himself and that he would be so responsive and available during the entire process. Their designs were thoughtful, functional and beautiful. The firm was very professional in their execution of the work and gave us all of the deliverables on time. Patrick’s handling of the historic district approvals, coastal commission approvals and zoning approvals was nothing short of mastery!! Don’t consider anyone else!!


  • Dear Patrick, We truly couldn’t be happier with the house the design is absolutely beautiful and truly unique. You did a fantastic job accommodating our requests and you were incredibly responsive, professional, pleasant to work with. I have always admired your work but you really did exceed my expectations, the house is everything we wanted and more. Thanks again for everything. Best,


    Charlestown, RI

  • Our company, Colonial Reproductions, Inc. has been privileged to work with Patrick on many projects for almost 20 years. PA’s eye for detail and his ability to tell a story through his design is spot-on. He exemplifies classic, historically motivated architecture that our clients are drawn to. Clients seek him out to build their dream homes and we take pride in our strong relationship with PA and his team, not only on, but also off the job sites.


    Edgartown, MA

  • We engaged Patrick Ahearn Architect in September of 2012, started our new construction project in January 2013 and are currently approximately three months away from completion. We are working with the founding principal of the company, Patrick Ahearn, AIA. Patrick has amazing vision for historically-motivated homes, but has also been finely tuned-in to the details of our project. I believe that our project is on the smaller-side of the projects on which Patrick typically works, but we have only experienced the highest-level of service. Patrick has been at our project at least weekly to make sure that the vision that we all agreed upon in the plans is being properly constructed. In consultation with us, Patrick has made many changes on-the-fly during the project; changes that have made our home even better, but that didn’t cost much (or anything at all) because the work was in-progress. We could not have asked for more from Patrick; he has been a great partner through this project. We are very excited to move in to our home in early Spring.


  • Patrick and his associates did a great job designing our new beach house. He asked us to put together a ‘wish list’ of thoughts and pictures that described what we wanted, and we then spent almost an entire day going through it with him. The design he came up with was spot on, successfully incorporating virtually everything we had requested into an integrated solution. The house is now built, and it is beautiful. It looks like an old beach house that we renovated, rather than an entirely new house. One of our requests was that it be hurricane-proof, up to the new gold standard published by the IBHS; this requirement was also met, without sacrificing on the aesthetic aspects. I would certainly use the Ahearn firm to design another house. They were fun to work with, and patiently responded to our many questions as the project progressed.


  • Patrick designed our coastal home two years ago, on a challenging and unique site. What can I say? I think Patrick is amazing. His homes are beautiful. The whole process was a blast. He introduced us to a great builder. The construction process was smooth, on time, and on budget. I’m sure that’s, in part, because his plans are so detailed, and well thought out. We’ve been living in our home for 2 years now, and there’s literally nothing we would change about the house. I can’t imagine a better architect to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with his firm again.


    Cohasset, MA

  • Patrick worked closely with my wife and me to design our “dream” home in Martha’s Vineyard. Not only did it turn out beautifully, Patrick managed all aspects of the building process which made our remote project a relatively simple and worry-free experience. While not our goal, the home has been featured in books and magazines.


    Martha’s Vineyard, MA

  • Complete gut renovation/addition. They nailed it! We got exactly what we wanted and what we expected. We wanted to maintain the character and charm of our 1930's house and they did a fantastic job. They incorporated most of our needs and many of our wants that were outline from day one. We couldn't be happier.. Thank you Patrick and Mike.


  • We hired Patrick Ahearn to build our summer home after admiring his homes on Martha's Vineyard for many years. This was a complete new build, we worked with Patrick all the way from drawings to the final inspection. The house is a four bedroom house, very spacious, with amazing wood detailing, with lots of windows which bring in the natural light. We will be working on another project with Patrick in the very near future. We love our new summer home!


  • Patrick ensured that the enhancements we made to our new home was in keeping architecturally with the village of Edgartown. He helped us find a contractor who had worked with Patrick and had tremendous amount of experience which proved invaluable.


  • Their designs perfectly blend historical, classic architecture into the way modern families live today. They did the planning, design and project management for me. I was extremely pleased with their contributions throughout the entire process.


  • Patrick Ahearn can only get four stars as we are only partway through our building process - construction prints have just been completed. Stay tuned and we may well be upping this in the coming months! Thus far, we have found him very responsive, hard working and willing to work around our crazy schedule. His design concepts are fantastic. However, perhaps most special about Patrick is his ability to HEAR what we are saying and to include our ideas into the overall scheme. I would recommend Patrick Ahearn without reservation.


  • I contracted with Patrick Ahearn and his firm for an extensive renovation on Martha's Vineyard and could not be any more pleased. Basically we started with a very rustic 1940's summer cottage and with his vision, transformed it into a comfortable, year-round family home. In the first ten minutes after Patrick walked through the house, he said he knew exactly what to do with it--and he was right! There was little deviation from his initial vision to the final outcome. The house is now everything we wanted in both function and form-- Patrick and team retained the original charm, but enhanced it for today's lifestyle and completed it with all the beautiful details that are synonymous with Ahearn!


  • Dear Patrick, I am delighted to write on behalf of the BSA board of directors and offer our congratulations on your election to the AIA College of Fellows. It is gratifying to know that your peers around the country hold you in the same high esteem as we do here in Boston. Election to Fellowship is not only an honor; it also implies a responsibility to share your wisdom and experience with the architecture and design community, especially our younger colleagues. Eric White and I would be honored to meet with you for lunch in late March or early April. We invite you to share your thoughts to ensure a prosperous and successful future for the profession. We will be in touch soon the select a date. It is a privilege to have you among us. We admire the contributions you have made and continue to make to the profession, and we enjoy basing in your glory! Congratulations on this well-deserved honor. Sincerely, Tim Love AIA President



  • Dear Patrick: I want to congratulate you on your recent election to the College of Fellows of The American Institute of Architects. This is wonderful recognition of the remarkable work you have done throughout your career. Your contributions to the field of architecture are vast, and are inspiring to our future generations of architects. I am grateful for your tremendous support of the School of Architecture as an Advisory Board member and by establishing the Patrick J. Ahearn Scholarship Endowed Fund and the Ahearn Special Initiatives Fund. I am also very appreciative the wise counsel and support you offer to Syracuse University as a member of the Syracuse Boston Regional Council. Syracuse University is a better place because of your generosity and enthusiasm. Thank you for all you do for our University. Congratulations again on this very distinguished and well-deserved honor. Sincerely, Kent Syverud Syracuse University Cancellor and President


    Syracuse, NY

  • Patrick, our Chatham home is amazing! We are so happy with the way it turned out. It suits our family very well. Many thanks.

    MC & JC

    Chatham, MA

  • Dear Patrick, Since I never seem to run into you, I thought I'd write you a note to tell you what a great house you've designed for the Ryans. Really, it is one of my favorites from the standpoints of it's overall design - interior and exterior, its setting, its views, and the overall 'feel' of the house. I know it will be fabulous when finished. Having worked in this business for 30+ years with many architects, builders, etc. I am aware how seldom we all take the time to tell one another - "great job." I know the Ryans will enjoy many years in their wonderful house. Take care


  • Dear Patrick, I was elated to learn that you will be the architect for the renovation of the Stanwood House. You are the best! I recently visited the Kelly's on Valley Pond, my old home "quarters" and their house is stunning. We, the Wellesley Historical Society, could not be in better hands! I look forward to seeing you in the future. With best wishes.



  • Dear Patrick, We wanted to extend our gratitude to you and your team for the fine work you have done for us in improving the look and functionality of our home. Your work is of the highest standard & quality artfulness; the level of your service is exceptional. With best regards.

    CT & GT

    Wellesley, MA

  • Dear Patrick, Thank you for the gorgeous bouquet of flowers. They were a lovely surprise. We truly couldn't be happier with the house. The design is absolutely beautiful and truly unique. Jeff did a fantastic job accommodating our requests and Jim was incredibly responsive, professional, and pleasant to work with. I have always admired your work but you really did exceed my expectations. The house is everything we wanted and more. Thanks again for everything. Best.


  • Dear Patrick, My apologies for this "crude" stationary, but I'm not yet unpacked or settled in, so my options are limited. It does not diminish the truly beautiful sentiments herein. When I walked into the house last week... for the first time (and every time thereafter), I was simply overwhelmed by the transformation. EVERYTHING has far exceeded my wildest hopes and expectations. Your superb eye and attention to detail is unparalleled! All of the architectural elements are perfect and we are deeply appreciative of all the time and efforts you have expended on our behalf... understanding especially some formidable condo block challenges along the way. We feel very fortunate to have worked with you, and the end product is a great testimony to your excellence. You have made "Summerhill" a very special spot ... to be enjoyed for, hopefully, many years to come! You are a wonderful asset to the town of Edgartown, and we are proud to be a small part of the "Ahearn architectural family." A simple thank you is far from adequate, but extremely genuine.


    Edgartown, MA

  • Patrick, Many thanks to you for the beautiful framed architecture drawings and photo album of our new house. As you know, we couldn't be happier about how the entire project turned out. I look forward to our next adventure together. Best wishes for 2005... I will see you on the Vineyard.


    Martha's Vineyard, MA

  • Hi Patrick, This is a long overdue thank you for working with us on the renovation of our house. We're very happy with the end result and have received many favorable comments from people who have seen it. We particularly like how you were able to integrate the new areas into the old seamlessly. Your eye for detail made that possible. Best wishes to you for the new year and continued success with your business here and on the Vineyard.


    Martha's Vineyard

  • Dear Patrick, Debbie and I are so thrilled that you were able to give us a copy of your book showing the beautiful works of art that you have created in Martha's Vineyard. It is a wonderfully laid out book which had me looking forward with great anticipation to each following page. The book is spectacular, and as the years go by in Martha's Vineyard, the island will only get more beautiful, and a lot of that attributable to you and the magnificent homes you've designed and built. I also want to thank you for the help you provided to Norman and myself so that we could finish the interior of our home. I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with you. I think the finished product is terrific. I want to wish you and your family a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you again, Patrick, for the beautiful book and for being such a good friend. With deepest appreciation.


    Martha's Vineyard

  • Patrick & Jim, We are so pleased with you, the process, the progress, the design - couldn't be happier.

    J & R

  • Dear Patrick, Thank you for the donation you made in our name to Children's Hospital. It is a great institution and we appreciate your thoughtfulness. We were overwhelmed to receive your house-warming gift. The framed architectural drawings are a nice finishing touch to a wonderfully designed and expertly built house. Looking at the drawings will remind us of the many hours we spent with you on this project. Wishing you and your family the very best in the new year. With warm regards.

    T & M

  • Dear Patrick, Just a note to let you know we are highly impressed with your work and your professionalism. You have made yourself readily available to us in spite of the relatively small size of our job. Your direction is always crisp, clear, & decisive - delivered with confidence. Your attention to the detail is remarkable and the results are incredible! You obviously have a passion for your art. We thank you for all of your time and effort. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we look forward to phase II. Sincerely.

    SB & NB

  • Dear Patrick, My home is enhanced by beautiful roses. How very generous and thoughtful of you. Thank you for the glorious arrangement from Winston's. It was a pleasure meeting you again and I know your plans and direction of the Kelley's new home will greatly enhance the neighborhood. Your work is exceptional always. Happy Spring and again sincere thanks. Best regards.


  • Dear Patrick, We wanted to let you know how thrilled we are in our new home that you designed for us! It is all we hoped for and more. It seems like a long time ago that we began discussing our ideas and vision for our "water house" and it is truly amazing to see it come to completion and be living in this wonderful setting. The architecture, design, and construction are so wonderful and of such great quality, that it is a little difficult to place art on walls that don't need embellishing. You and your crew have made a dream come alive. Thanks so much.

    K & R

  • Dearest Patrick, A very belated thank you for our beautiful home in Chappy - we love it so and are so appreciative of your brilliant design! We look forward to seeing you this summer! Much thanks and love.

    JD & TD

    Chappy, MA

  • Thanks for everything, you have really come through on this project. Not only do we love it, you have been remarkably responsive.....and inherently talented of course.


  • WE TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!!  You are a total genius architect Patrick.  You waved your magic vision wand and voila!  I always stand in awe of what you did with what was an otherwise horrendous house initially.  A complete transformation.

    NK & KK

    Vineyard Haven, MA

  • We moved in last week, and can now fully appreciate the house.  We love it.  Both the interior and the exterior are spectacular.  The house takes full advantage of the lot, and fits right in to the neighborhood.  Thank you!

    JO & LO

    Wellesley, MA

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