Timeless Translates Everywhere


Would you consider a project outside of New England?” It’s a question we receive time and again, and depending on scope and fit, we’re pleased to take on the task. We’re proud that our approach to timeless homes translates from coast to coast and beyond. Whether nestled in the California cliffs, sited on the ocean in Florida, in the Canadian mountains, or anywhere in between, our sensitivity to a project’s surroundings and overall neighborhood is the same. Our goal of creating classic architecture for contemporary living can be realized no matter the location.

Currently in development, this lakefront property in Wisconsin is a great example of timeless architecture interpreted for the American midwest. On a long, narrow lot with topographical challenges, we worked to design a home that would meet our clients’ goals and requirements while respecting the steep slope towards the water. With their deep love of the romanticism of shingle-style architecture in mind, we worked to design a home inspired by residences of the late 1800s that would incorporate their full program and use the site to their advantage instead of detriment.

We began by establishing a substantial stone base for the structure that works with the topography and holds up the home. A walk-out lower level was incorporated thanks to the steep slope with two full stories of living space rising above replete with water views. While our clients were set on a shingle-style home, they were torn between gabled or gambrel roof lines. Per their request, we carefully considered each, providing renderings to demonstrate the ramifications to the structure’s silhouette under each canopy. Ultimately, the gambrel form was selected.

The treatment of the shingles on this particular residence is of interest to many clients outside our region. The iconic greying of cedar shingles seen in areas like Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cape Cod requires something impossible to procure in other parts of the country—salty New England sea air. While we explored different options and colorways, our clients ultimately chose to paint the shingles white, making them uniquely iconic beside the lake.

We take great pride in knowing that our work is being embraced throughout our country and beyond, and are grateful to bring our architecture to new regions.  If this project has you wondering about a project of your own outside of New England, don’t hesitate to contact us.  In the interim, we invite you to find inspiration in our portfolio.