The Classic & Sporty Moke


Some things effortlessly match the feeling and lifestyle of their environment. Case in point: the Moke. It is the ideal little vehicle for island living. Stylish and beachy, it’s the car you may have seen on vacation and wondered about. Moke is the perfect package of laid back, wrapped-in-fun, tied with an emissions-free ribbon. It immediately says: “summertime.”

We recently purchased an e-Moke for getting around the village of Edgartown. Not only is it fun and uncomplicated, it’s electric – a wonderful bonus. When designing or restoring homes, we often look for environmentally sound, green options, so finding this sporty, electric Moke was great. Charge the battery overnight, and it will run for around 40 miles. That means no stops at the gas station heading to job sites or the office. And, it doesn’t require any cumbersome hook-up; just plug it into any household outlet and you’re good to go.

The British Motor Corporation (BMR) first produced the Moke in the late 1950s as a portable military vehicle, and in 1963 a civilian version was launched in the UK. It eventually became a cult favorite in areas like the Caribbean and Australia as a beach cruiser. The Moke seats four, and because it’s small and customizable, it can be easily designed to fit your needs. Add a Bimini top or a surf rack and hit the waves.

The Moke is a street-legal, which means it is approved by the NHTSA and conforms to all government requirements. Considered a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV), the Moke is perfect for short commutes, quick errands, or beach drop-offs. Low to the ground with a maximum speed of 25, this is a no-rush, enjoy-the-ride car.

We look forward to our summertime commute in this no-emission vehicle that fits perfectly with Vineyard living. Maybe we will see you around town.