Spring (Cleaning) is in the Air Part 2

A Streamlined Refresh for Exteriors

Last week, we shared strategies for making interior spring cleaning tasks a bit less daunting. Today, we continue the theme of manageable cleaning tactics – this time for the home’s exterior. As mentioned, most people feel happier and more balanced when living in organized, clean spaces and this idea extends to a home’s exterior. During the winter months, many outside areas of a home are neglected or inaccessible. Understandably, no one wants to clean window screens or gutters in the freezing cold. So, now is the time to take on these projects and create an outdoor living space that feels refreshed, inspired and organized. This will not only increase your home’s curb appeal, it will provide an inviting environment for your family to enjoy in the months ahead.


Surrounding Property

  • Inspect driveway and walking areas for freezing/thawing damage
  • Check pergolas and fences for needed repairs
  • Clean and fill flowerboxes
  • Add potted plants to entry and outdoor living spaces
  • Add new candles to hurricanes and lanterns
  • Make a list of anything you need additional help with

Home’s Exterior

  • Remove window screens and clean with vacuum brush (alternately, spray down with garden hose)
  • Clean windows inside and out; best to do on a cloudy day
  • Clean gutters and downspouts as the first defense against costly water damage (may require professional help)
  • Clean exterior woodwork and make any paint/stain touch ups
  • Clean accumulated grime from outside of garage doors
  • Clean outdoor lighting; replace bulbs if needed
  • Schedule roof maintenance

Deck, Porch, & Patio Areas

  • Clear away cobwebs from corners and ceilings
  • Inspect wood for signs of decay and make any needed repairs
  • Power wash deck and porch
  • Apply a coat of sealer to deck
  • Wash bluestone to remove debris or mold
  • Clean outdoor furniture (if stored, brush away dust and cobwebs; if left outside, spray down with garden hose)
  • Clean or replace furniture cushions
  • Wash grill grates (be aware of the dangers of wire grill brushes! Here is a link to other options); if gas, refill propane
Once you feel satisfied, sit down and admire the day(s)’s accomplishments. Before long, it will be warm enough to entertain outside and enjoy your home’s beautiful outdoor living spaces. You are ready.