Luxury Meets Serenity in the Primary Bathroom


Realtors would share that some of the best money a homeowner can spend is in the primary bathroom. While years ago these spaces were distinctly utilitarian, with step-in showers and a single washbasin even in the most substantial homes, today the rooms have become distinctive spa-like sanctuaries that provide homeowners a serene retreat within a primary bedroom suite. Below, our approach to creating a luxurious primary bathroom, with plenty of examples from actual homes.  

Carefully consider both function and form

Our primary bathrooms include all of the features one would expect—ideally a shower and tub, two sinks, a water closet, storage, mirrors, and more. To truly elevate the room, however, most clients pay keen attention to two places—floors and walls.

On the floors, marble, onyx, patterned porcelain, mini mosaics, exquisite custom glass, and even metal—our clients make their tile selections based on personal preference to complement the overall theme of their primary bedroom suite. Beneath the floor we recommend radiant heat, especially in cold or temperate climates for an unseen but always felt element of luxury.

Within more grand residences, on the walls we elevate the primary bathroom with custom molding and trim. Once reserved for more formal spaces like dining rooms or living rooms, custom wall trim brings an element of timelessness to a primary bathroom that immediately indicates it is of importance in the home.

Choose privacy, not obscurity

In order to keep our primary bathrooms bright, whenever possible we include windows to bring natural light into the space. If part of the primary bedroom suite absolutely must be on the interior of a structure without windows, we opt to place the closet in that location, capitalizing on wall space for hanging and shelves. In the primary bath, natural light is important so the space does not become cavernous or feel closed in. In order to maintain privacy, we recommend louvered interior shutters on the windows which can be closed to keep activity out of sight or opened upon a homeowner’s wishes. A toilet within our primary bathrooms will always be placed in a separate water closet with a door that closes.

Opt for next-level bathing

We highly recommend upgrading bathing functionality within a primary bathroom to provide a true sense of luxury within the home. Freestanding soaking tubs, whether traditional cast iron, porcelain enameled steel, acrylic or even copper instantly add wow factor and raise the bathing bar. Showers in our primary baths are typically glass-enclosed, with rain showers, steam showers, multiple spray heads and often bench seats. Clients may choose additional decorative tile within the master shower with patterning or framing that makes for an elegant work of art in the room.

If this discussion of primary bathrooms has you considering elevating your own primary bedroom suite, contact us to learn how we might approach the project. Until then, we invite you to find inspiration in our portfolio.