Introducing Our New Website


We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly designed website and welcome you to explore, in greater depth, our firm’s work and brand story. We chose to redesign the site with improved technology to make it faster, easier to navigate, and to create a more engaging experience for those who wish to take a deeper, more meaningful dive into our firm’s design philosophy, project portfolio, and history.

The new website’s technology allows for faster navigation with the navigation tree.

One of our company’s founding principals is that good design has the power to improve lives, and that applies to websites, too. We understand that people are busy and don’t have time to navigate a site that is not streamlined, so this redesign offers not only an improved aesthetic, but a condensed navigation tree which clearly delineates topics and categories, allowing visitors to search with ease.

Over the years, we have collected a lot of content—from before and after project photos to videos and press coverage—and our goal was to thoughtfully curate this content in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to locate. As you enter the site, you will immediately see a link to our portfolio of work, which can then be sorted by style (historical, traditional, or modern), features (new construction, restoration, guest house, etc.) and location. Each home includes an array of photographs along with a project description detailing our design objectives, potential challenges, and, when appropriate, interesting historical details.  We have also included our urban and commercial work as well as works in progress in a nearby link, making everything easily accessible for browsing.

Along with a link to our portfolio, the homepage invites viewers to watch a new short film, which introduces our firm, presents our design philosophy, and shares how we believe architecture impacts the world around us. In this shortened version (the full version is available for those looking for more robust detail) we discuss the “greater good” theory (a philosophy that guides all of our design work), detail the nuanced role of an architect, and explain why we use a “script” to create a storyline for our projects. We also review why a good architect must look to the past to design for the future and the importance of historical perspective when restoring and designing sensitive projects. We’re excited to share this new branding piece with our audience as it provides a substantive, clear window into our firm. In addition to Patrick, the full version of the film includes interviews with our Managing Principal, Mike Tartamella, project manager, Colby Mauke, and President & CEO of Vineyard Trust, Funi Burdick.

Another improvement we’re excited about is the ability to browse all of our videos and blogs from one landing page. The videos include enlightening interviews, tour stops for our award-winning book, Timeless, Feature House Friday clips, and meaningful events like our presentation at Porsche. A particularly illuminating and personal video captures the conversation between Patrick and Michael Speaks, Syracuse University’s School of Architecture Dean, where the discussion takes them from Patrick’s early career in Boston and his time working in the Middle East, to how and why they believe architects see things “with a different set of eyes.”

As part of the new website launch, we’re also thrilled to unveil Patrick Ahearn’s Studio, a 15-part series that offers students a chance to think, feel and absorb the world through the lens of a master. In this lesson-packed experience, Patrick—for the first time ever—takes viewers behind the scenes on a journey to discuss architecture at its highest level, sharing his creative process, business lessons, and design philosophy.

This inspiring series takes students on a journey to see life through a different set of eyes.

We are elated to share, through this new site, the story of our brand and how we see the world. We hope you find the website an engaging journey made up of new and enlightening narrative, inviting photography and video presented in a dynamic, participatory way. (Side note: the site is more mobile-friendly so you can browse on the go!) We would like to thank Jack Morton and Genuine for their web design, and Peak Productions for the film production. Stay tuned for more content as it becomes available—we look forward to hearing about your experience!