Impacting Aspiring Architects


It has been a priority for Patrick throughout his career to give back to the communities within which he operates. He has proudly given his time and shared his perspective with countless organizations including the Boston Architectural College, historic groups in Boston and on Martha’s Vineyard, and his alma mater Syracuse University.

Most recently, he presented to a group of students at Wellesley Middle School as part of the House Unplugged program. Taught by Cathy Longley-Cook in WMS’s science department, aspiring architects learned about the basics of green building, principles of heating and cooling, heat transfer within structures, and much more. Patrick was pleased to share knowledge learned throughout his four-decade career in architecture, especially after working on more than 350 residences in his home town of Wellesley.

After a series of presentations from experts in architecture, education, engineering and environmental activism and their own research, students presented creative designs for residences that can be heated and cooled without the use of fossil fuels or power from the grid. They made tabletop models and presentation boards with architectural drawings to share their ideas, and while Covid-19 prevented the students from presenting their work to the public as originally intended, we are pleased to share their hard work here on our blog.  Below, we hope you’ll enjoy Wellesley Middle School students’ takes on sustainable architecture, influenced in part by Patrick Ahearn.

If the students’ creativity leaves you wanting to learn more, consider perusing Patrick Ahearn’s Studio, a complimentary course on architecture led and produced by our founder.  In the interim, we invite you to find inspiration for your next project in our portfolio.