Breakfast Nooks


Casual seating areas off of the kitchen, often referred to as “breakfast nooks” are increasingly popular in many of our homes. While traditional dining areas are great for hosting large dinner parties, the breakfast nook can accommodate a range of purposes.

Based on a homeowner’s objectives, a breakfast nook can add informal seating options or provide a solution for unused (or awkward) space that cannot fit a traditional dining table. Maximizing space is important in both large and small kitchens and a breakfast nook is a great way to add functionality. Typically located in close proximity to the kitchen, the area can be fully integrated with the design of the home, or have its own creative identity. The nook can also take advantage of special views and vantage points that are meaningful to the family.

To enhance the informal, cozy feel of the area, clients often mix seating options such as benches, chairs or custom banquettes. Statement lighting, sophisticated or rustic patterns can also provide personal style to the space. Clients also appreciate the ease with which the space can be updated: swap out a traditional rug – or replace chairs with upholstered benches – and voila, a freshened look.

In addition to its design flexibility, a breakfast nook offers homeowners a multitude of popular uses. For some, it is the treasured place to enjoy coffee and the morning paper. For others, it’s the favorite spot to work from home. At holidays, it may be the “kid’s table” or a place for family overflow. Or, it may simply be the essential, casual dining space used night after night: the most comfortable spot in the house.

So whether it’s large or small, rustic or formal, enjoy the many options of your breakfast nook: chances are, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.