At the Intersection of Cars and Architecture


After driving with tops down and motoring through the summer, classic car season is wrapping up for 2021. Last month in Pebble Beach, automobile enthusiasts gathered after a Covid induced 24-month wait for the Concours d’Elegance, the grand finale of Monterey Car Week, which typically draws more than 15,000 spectators each year. The best pre- and post-war cars were driven and celebrated, with visitors dressed in period attire to match the vehicles on display. While auctions will continue throughout the year, and opportunities to buy and sell will arise, car collectors know the season has all but come to a close.

When it’s time to garage collectors’ most prized vehicles, a concrete box simply won’t do.  Perhaps no car enthusiast feels more strongly about this than our founder Patrick Ahearn, a self-professed car guy who is as passionate about cars as he is about architecture.  The same appreciation for timeless lines and forms in classic cars can be applied to a freestanding carriage house or car barn, built with quality and style, harkening back to a simpler time and celebrating the pleasures of life.  As a result of his passion for cars, when we approach a carriage house, the level of finish and detail within is on par with that of the main home, presenting a truly cohesive design for the overall property which doesn’t fall short even when.

For a look inside two client-owned carriage houses, plus a glimpse into Patrick’s own Car Barn, we invite you to read this recent article from the Wall Street Journal.

If the in-depth exploration of “carchitecture” has you dreaming about a new structure of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we might approach your project.  In the meantime, we invite you to find meaningful inspiration in our portfolio.